Rob Key: Slightly rotund, foetally-featured and funny - our hero

We LOVE Rob Key. As we've mentioned before. We once spent an entire day making up songs about him. (In our defence we were at work at the time. What do you do at work?)

Anyway, Rob's missed out over the winter. Ordinarily he'd be pretty much first choice if there were batting injuries for England, but unfortunately he's been injured himself after shoulder surgery. Here's what our man Rob told the BBC about his recovery and how he'll be throwing the ball come the start of the county season:

"I probably won't be pinging it in from the boundary, but well enough to be as agile and lethal as ever in the ring."

Rob's a little large, you see. A funny quote! From a sportsman! Justifiable use of exclamation marks there, we think you'll agree. Rob Key will be one of our cricketers to watch over the course of the county season. More of which later.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

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