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India have arrived in Pakistan for their tour. For those that don’t really get the importance: Try and remember Ashes fever. Now imagine that England and Australia have been threatening to wage war on each other for fifty years. Multiply the populations of both countries by about twenty. Then imagine that everyone, but everyone, loves cricket more than anything else - Transformers included.

The ongoing story for India is the fate of former captain Saurav Ganguly who was unceremoniously dethroned as captain, then dropped, then reinstated as an all-rounder, then dropped and now back in the squad again.

We think that Greg Chappell is just bringing him along to make him carry the drinks. Greg Chappell can be mean.

Ganguly used to play for Lancashire, but nobody liked him and he was rubbish. Everyone much prefers it when Murali’s at Lancashire, because he’s happy ALL THE TIME. He’s our favourite Lancashire overseas player since Wasim Akram.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

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