Must... write something... about... England' team

We don't want to write anything. Everything's been said. For example:

"There's a sense of inevitability about England one-day losses at the moment. You don't know quite how they're going to lose, but they will. They might get themselves in a good position and lose. They might let the game get away from them early on. They'll definitely lose though."

That's a quote of our ourself from June the 19th.

Or how about this post, entitled 'England's one-day team - what's wrong' about England's batting letting them down in one-dayers in India. Read it. We could have republished it today, word for word. There's progress.

Ordinarily we at least try and acknowledge 'encouraging' aspects of England one-day performances: There were three England bowlers who each took two wickets today. We're not naming them, even though two are among our very favourite players.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just one of those days....Yardy, Dalrymple need to be given some more time to sort themselves out. I like these two players.

Strauss just looked out of sorts out there on the pitch.

Why arn't Cook and Shah in the squad?

12:07 am  

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