Gavin Hamilton land

Bad news, everybody. We're going away for a couple of days and will doubtless be missing some of the finest cricket ever witnessed on earth. (Martian cricket being a class above, of course.)

We're going to Scotland, home of great cricketers such as Gavin Hamilton and - well, we can't be bothered checking vaguely Scottish-sounding cricketers' places of birth, so we'll just leave it at Gav.

Gavin Hamilton was great in the 1999 World Cup. Again, we can't be bothered checking any facts because we're just about to leave, but take our word for it. Gavin Hamilton was great in the 1999 World Cup. He didn't have the yips then for one thing.

As far as the site goes, we're paying someone handsomely to check all the comments (the going rate is just a single pint) so feel free to write the exact same thing four times, like usual. We should probably do away with the thing where we authorise comments before they appear, but we do like to read them all. We might post over the next day or two, if they have [shameful, unnecessary joke about Scotland being backward removed here].

Your King Cricket homework is to browse the archives. Our posts don't date as badly as you think they do. They're in the sidebar on the left and also at the bottom of the page.

Anyway: To Gavin Hamilton Land!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Anonymous Brian said...

That's it, The Final Straw,

You go swanning of to Scotland without a second thought for us lot, 'The Faithful' who pretty much damn well pay for you to enjoy such a luxury break.

I bet it isn't camping is it?

Thought not

I bet there is a conservatoty isn't there?

ooooohhh, I can just picture you now, with a dram of Scotlands finest rolling around your glass and a big, fat, self satisfied, stupid, smug grin RIGHT across your face.

You've not given us a second thought have you.

King Cricket you make me sick.

7:46 pm  
Anonymous Brian said...


probably for the best you haven't let us have free reign with the comments.

Four days with no censorship?

I assure you I would have gone MENTAL...

7:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah brian, you tell him. What a get, lording it up whilst covered in tartan and haggis, whilst the rest of us go do an honest days work AND run this bleedin' comments page.
This would never happen on Six and Out.

you hear me Blue and Brown, or King Cricket, or what ever your real name is. I better get a pint of single malt.

9:45 am  

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