Shaun Udal the innocuoso

400 was a decent score, although it should certainly have been more. Full marks to Owais Shah in particular. It's sad to think that he probably won't be playing in the next Test come the summer.

Bowling-wise, it's 193-6 at the moment and we're guessing that the new ball's going to be taken imminently. James Anderson hasn't yet won the match for England, but he does have 2-18 off 12 overs. Shaun Udal has taken a wicket, but we still think that he's taking up somebody else's place in the side.

We've mentioned before how we think that Udal is an 'innocuouso' and we stand by that. An innocuoso is one who excels in the art of harmlessness.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

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