Big fat racist, Darrell Hair, has the audacity to sue the ICC for racial discrimination


We at King Cricket are not in any way implying that Darrell Hair is a racist, despite explicity stating exactly that in the headline.

It's just a joke, for which we are 'borrowing' many people's view of the man for comedic effect.

However, we would also like to clarify that we do think that he's fat.
The gall of the man.

To be honest though, we think he's got a case in so far as he was made a scapegoat for the Oval abandonment (anyone using the term 'Ovalgate' should take a long, hard look at themselves before picking a decent spot to punch). However, there's no way that there was a 'racial' angle to this.

Darrell Hair was made a scapegoat because he's an abrasive buffoon, lacking in people skills and several Test nations have no confidence in him. That's enough to ensure his demotion from Tests in itself.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

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Blogger The Atheist said...

Well, let's make use of my legal training.

1. Both Darrell Hair and Billy Doctrove were involved in what is now widely known as "Ovalgate".
2. Darrell Hair was disciplined and what not.
3. Billy Doctrove was not.
4. Darrell Hair is white and fat.
5. Billy Doctrove is not.

These are the fact of the matter and they are not in dispute. But,
6. Is the difference in treatment between these two umpires dues to Darrell Hair's race? Or
7. Is it because he was "Senior Umpire", and responsible for such moves and Billy Doctrove is only wee. That is, a difference in responsibilities? Or
8. Is it because of political reasons: viz. everyone hates him? Or
9. Is it discrimination on the grounds of girth?

Sorry, am I raising the tone?

12:03 pm  
Anonymous Blue and Brown said...

Does Hair have a case for girthal discrimination?

12:15 pm  

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