Richie Benaud signing books

We have a friend who works in Waterstone's in Manchester. Richie Benaud's there today signing books. Meanwhile we're snowed under with work at a job from which we're being made redundant - work that one out.

We're insanely jealous that our friend's going to get to meet the world's greatest living human and probably won't even appreciate it. It's probably for the best that we're not there however. We would almost certainly say something weird. We don't know what it would be. We never do.

You can buy his book, My Spin on Cricket, here, or if you're a bit mental and don't mind spending extra money on what is essentially the same thing, you can get a hardback version. Personally, we recommend getting a signed copy because there's every chance that he touched it with his other hand while he was writing his name.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Rob Key masters Twenty20

Rob Key hit 41 not out off 33 balls against Middlesex. Try telling us that wasn't why Kent won. Go on - try. We won't have it. Rob Key's innings was the SOLE reason that Kent emerged victorious even if Matthew Walker hit 58, also off 33 balls.

We have no idea if Kent or Middlesex are any good at Twenty20. We don't know how the competetion's going. We don't even know how it works really.

We'd better go and check the table now. (Is there a table?)

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006